AGILE & NVC: GIRAFFES, JACKALS and Perceptual Positions Resolving Conflicts

Agile and NVC: GIRAFFES, JACKALS and Perceptual Positions Resolving Conflicts

Do you know what is the core 1st value mentioned in the AGILE MANIFESTO ? “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”

By this, AGILE methodologies, put the focus on the importance of communication to succeed with collaborative team work, striving our ability to connect to our own “humanness” and to the “humanness” of others, to build not only a better working environments, products and services but also a better world in general.

That’s why, at this Puzzle IT session, we will be discussing “Nonviolent Communication” and practicing the language of Consideration Rather than Domination in a workshop (75 min) presented by Med Marouane AJRAOUI.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), by Marshall Rosenberg, is a process of connecting with people in a way that allows to everyone’s needs to be met through empathizing with the universal needs we all share. It is a way of relating to ourselves and others out of an awareness of feelings and needs rather than judgments, labels, punishment, guilt or shame.

We will be telling stories about GIRAFFES, JACKALS…

We will be putting in practice a Perceptual Positions technique that stimulates empathy in connection to another person (or to ourselves) in conflicts resolution process. Within this connection an exchange can take place that greatly enhances the chances of getting everyone’s needs met.

This session is aimed to any profile (specially to Agile coaches, scrum masters, managers, decision makers, developers , product owners, but also to mechanics, plumbers, bakers …;-).

After the workshop, trade may continue for a drink and appetizers, around the barrio. IMPORTANT: If you register and your schedule changes, please, do not forget to change your status. Seating is limited, so free your spot if you can’t come. Thank you!

Author: Jeroen Derks

Jeroen is the founder of the Alicante Tech meetup group. His current day job is to mostly build all kinds of applications, ranging from IoT to educational to corporate.