DevOps – the key difference between success and failure of enterprise IT?

What is the best software worth if it does not make it to production? Enterprises should do whatever it takes to release software frequently and make it business as usual, using lean and agile principles. Embsen will share key insights and DevOps best practice in deploying infrastructure as a code, based on more than 20 years of experience in architecting solutions at Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), in the Dutch Public Sector and at NXP Semiconductors, where he currently works. Embsen recently joined Amsterdam and Alicante based SaaS specialist Iristrace (“plan-do-check-act”) to bring its development and deployment processes to an unprecedented level of automation and predictability.

Foco: Maybe the target audience needs to be added because there is some depth in the technology. This is not a business presentation, though it is clear that DevOps is a key business enabler, hence interesting for Fundesem students.

Idioma: Inglés

Lugar: Salón de Actos Fundesem Business School

Día: Miércoles 13 de Septiembre a las 19:00

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