Lamdba World

Hello friends!

Nando here. I help organize MadridJUG, ScalaMadrid, and Malaga Scala meetups. And since earlier this year, I’m a part of the team behind LambdaWorld, the first multi-language, functional programming conference taking place in Spain and probably the Iberian Peninsula ๐Ÿ™‚

Check it out: http://www.lambda.worldยญ — 1 day, two tracks with Miles Sabin, Lars Hupel, Mario Fusco, Jon Pretty and more! And of course, a whole night of partying. We’d be happy to have you guys among our audience. We have created a special 20% discount code for meetup groups.

Additionally, we have a 50% discount for students and unemployed just in our EventBrite page.

I hope you like our little conference. There are no marketing people behind this. Just enthusiast Scala and Haskell programmers organizing their dream conference. We are 100% nonprofit.

Muchas gracias!! –nando